Helping Others

The Victoria Demers Memorial Scholarship Fund


Victoria was a kind, sensitive and loving friend, daughter, sister and teammate when she was tragically killed in a car accident on April 20, 2017. Victoria had a strong mind of her own and was determined to do the right thing, to keep going when it was hard and never quit. She loved to play basketball. The idea of being part of a team was always very important to her, whether it was her Dance team as a child, Summer basketball camp team, or AAU, Sutton Varsity, or College basketball team. She was never selfish when she played. She was also very intuitive when it came to interpersonal dynamics of those around her, which fed her ultimate desire to major in Psychology. Her goal was to continue through to obtain her PhD. To keep Victoria’s memory alive, her family and friends have established a Memorial Scholarship. Her Varsity teammates initiated this annual Tournament to help fund the scholarship for years to come. The Tournament was designed by her teammates, who knew her best. They knew that she would want all ages to come out to play ball and JUST HAVE FUN! The Scholarship will go to a deserving young man or woman from Sutton High. Next year, we may open up this same opportunity to other local high school students.


Victoria Demers:  The inaugural charity basketball tournament honoring the late Victoria Demers of Sutton garnered about $4,500 for a scholarship in her name.